Changes to TSA Pre-Check Program

The latest news on the TSA blogosphere outlines changes to the TSA’s PreCheck program and describes how changes could impact you and your experience with airport security. More »

Corporate Travel Management

Omega offers unique solutions to more effectively manage corporate travel, establish travel policy and save time and money. Services include: 24 Hour Service, Executive/VIP Travel Programs and Risk Management. More »

Strategic Meetings Management

Omega provides full-service and a la carte meeting management services. Hotel sourcing, contract negotiations, meeting planning, registration services an ground transport are some of the many solutions we provide. More »

Government Travel Solutions

Omega is a pioneer in government managed travel and is a federal government contractor; a designated DoD contractor; and an ETS2 and DTS support provider. Our travel specialists have expert knowledge of all things government. More »

Luxury Vacations

Omega creates leisure programs and luxury vacation packages for individuals and corporate clients to enhance employee benefit packages. Omega\'s sister company,, is the largest seller of cruises online. More »


Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Sustainability (CSR/ES)

CO2 footprint, green travel, environmentally friendly, sustainably, responsible, social engagement, etc., etc. Familiar terms with indeterminate or self-imposed meanings, understandings and applications for those of us in the managed travel sector and those seeking a TMC to handle all aspects

Travelers in Favor of Open Skies

The Business Travel Coalition has issued a report showing that 89% of Americans who have traveled internationally support the Open Skies agreement. The Open Skies agreement would free air carriers of government interference in airline pricing, routes and capacity limit

Virtual Payment Cards Becoming Popular In Corporate Travel

Virtual payment cards are becoming increasingly popular in the travel industry. Banks and travel management companies are creating their own versions of single-use cards to protect buyers from fraud, and ultimately consolidate the payment process. U.S. Bank added an option

Airlines are Improving For Traveler Satisfaction

Airlines are working to make flying better for frustrated travelers. Promises such as accelerated baggage return are guaranteed; and suitcase delivery to the passenger’s destination are being implemented into airline amenities. Airlines are also beginning to offer the option to

New System Offered by Sabre Improves GDS

Sabre is now offering a new system for agencies to distribute fares through their GDS system. Sabre is allowing agents to use Airline Tariff Publishing Company (ATPCO) technology, which bundles services and ticket prices into one. In the past, agents

United Airlines Makes a Large Investment in Biofuel

United Airlines is investing 30 million dollars in Fulcrum BioEnergy, a company that will provide the airline with sustainable biofuel. In 2011, United experimented with algae as a source of fuel. In 2013, they announced that they would begin to

The Debate on Air Traffic Control

Currently, the House of Transportation Committee is looking at privatizing air traffic control (ATC). The proposal will face some challenges, such as how does it comply with the Constitution. It will also bring up other questions about general air safety.

Travelers are Hopping on the Sustainability Train and Hotels are Accommodating

A recent survey of 32,000 travelers across 16 countries by, revealed that 52% of travelers will choose a hotel based on its social and environmental impact in 2015. Travelers are interested in decreasing their carbon footprint, but do not

Personalized Travel Packages Based on Customer Search Patterns

The travel industry is staying up to date with their customer’s desires by noting traveler habits through tracking data. SITA Air Transport IT Summit (ATIS) has created the SITA Horizon Customer Value, which is an algorithm for profiling the traveler’s

A New Head is Elected to the Transportation Security Administration

A new head has been selected to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). On Monday, the U.S. Senate selected, Coast Guard Vice Admiral Peter Neffenger as TSA Chief. Airlines For America President and CEO Nicholas E. Calio said; “Vice Admiral Neffenger