Changes to TSA Pre-Check Program

The latest news on the TSA blogosphere outlines changes to the TSA’s PreCheck program and describes how changes could impact you and your experience with airport security. More »

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Lufthansa Faces Pushback for Plans to Implement a GDS Charge

On September 1st, the Lufthansa Group is to issue a 16 euro GDS booking fee. There is a large pushback coming from trade groups that represent both business and leisure travel in the United States and Europe. A letter by

Software Update May be to Blame for the ‘Flypocalypse’

Last weekend a technical issue in Virginia caused over hundreds of flight cancellations and delays up-and-down the East Coast. One theory stated that the widespread malfunction was caused by a software update; although the Federal Aviation Administration said; “[There is]

United Airlines Updates Mobile App for Traveler Ease and Personalization

United Airlines is now offering an updated mobile app that allows travelers to use a virtual map of the airport on their smartphones, as well as a self-booking option for when flights or delayed or cancelled. United’s vice president of

US Airways will Launch Final Flight Number US 1939

The US Airways and American Airlines merger have officially combined their loyalty programs in another step toward finalizing the integration of the two airlines. The last flight, US 1939, will depart Philadelphia on October 16. Martha Thomas from US Airways

Sharp Decline in Airfares Due to Lag in Factoring Fuel Prices

Airfare records have hit their steepest decline in 20 years. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, they fell 5.6 percent last month. Seth Kaplan, managing partner of Airline Weekly said; “When fuel prices fall passengers always ask why that

Business Travel for 2016 – Boom, Bust or What: Predictions for the Upcoming Year

Joseph Bates, GBTA Foundation’s Vice President of Research, stated recently, “business travel is a leading indicator of global economic activity and the top-line pricing outlook for air, hotel, ground and meetings and events in 2016 is surprisingly stable. Furthermore, Mr.

Senate Wishes to Waiver Visa Requirements for Countries

A bill in the U.S. House of Representatives could exempt foreign citizens from U.S visa requirements. The Jobs Originated Through Launching Travel Act (JOLT) would give the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) the ability to expand the Visa Waiver Program.

Sabre System Attacked by Hackers

It was reported on Friday that hackers from China had put a breach in the Sabre Network. This incident could have a widespread effect on the travel industry, seeing that Sabre was responsible for 208 million bookings of hotels, airlines

The ‘Uber’ of Air on the Horizon

The most recent Federal Aviation Administration reauthorization bill could be a kickstart to more competition in the airline industry. A new system, comparable to ride-share services such as Uber or Lyft, could serve as a beneficial model to airlines. Harry

The Future of Airline Seating: Legroom Adjustable Seats

Engineering firm B/E Aerospace is filing for a patent on “legroom adjustable” seats. The seats will sit on a track with wheels that slide to adjust to passengers height or space preference. The cabin crew has the ability to adjust