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Omega Locations

Omega World Travel is headquartered just minutes from the Nation's Capital in Fairfax, Virginia. We operate five customer centers providing prompt customer service and 24-hour emergency travel assistance in each time zone.

Omega's US regional office locations are:

Omega York
• York, PA

24 Hour Service
Omega’s wholly-owned and operated Emergency Service Center provides customers with the support they need 24/7/365. Our clients can call worldwide via a toll-free number and talk directly with experienced Omega agents.

European Headquarters
Omega World Travel’s European headquarters is located in London, England.
103 Kingsway, London WC2B 6QU, UK
+44 20 7061 6800


Omega World Travel is a proud Tier-One GlobalStar partner and board member, allowing us to provide local and consistent service, consolidated global reporting, dedicated global account management, and increased savings through GlobalStar vendor programs. 85 GlobalStar partners operate in more than 70 countries.

Updated 4/12/18