Gloria’s Corner: Happy New Year!

A New Year calls for a new you, a new attitude and a new travel management program? That is right. As we welcome 2017 with high hopes and uplifted spirits, we want to make sure that your travel program is up-to-par as well.

Here is a checklist of what you should expect out of a seamless and impeccable travel program:

  1. Are your online reporting/ predictive analytics up to date and speed? Are they in real-time? Do you run reports on a daily/weekly/monthly/annually basis?
  1. Do you have an incentive program for driving online booking adoption?
  1. Do you have a leisure travel program?
  1. Are you using our meetings and events department?
  1. Do you use T&E software solutions?
  1. Do you have an enhanced Traveler tracking application or program?
  1. Do you use Virtual Payments?

If you answered “No” to any of these questions Omega World Travel is here to help. Make your New Year’s resolution to update your old travel program.

We offer all of the most customer-focused and technology-driven solutions to all of your travel management needs.

Call  888-380-9872 to speak with a travel professional today and make sure that your travel program is ready for the New Year