Gloria’s Corner: Windstar Presidents’ Cruise

Dear Readers,

Greetings from the high seas aboard the Windstar STAR LEGEND, the ship that I christened in 2015. I hope things are going well for you, as I am fully aware that I started my voyage just before the freezing cold that hit the East Coast.

I am always so pleased to return to ‘my ship’ and to visit with the crew/officers who are a second family to me. This feeling is not just unique to me; it is shared by the myriad of Windstar returning guests who love returning to their many vessels and crew! Excellence, kindness, adventure, customization, and surprises are just some of the positives at Windstar.
The Omega family is also hard at work as we move into our 46th year, full of new energy and determination to offer great new services and our mission to offer you the best in our industry. Omega and our partners are devoted to excellence.

We all want to hear any suggestions, so please let me know how we can help you! All the best going forward, always with a ‘positive attitude.’


Gloria Bohan