10 Meeting Trends in 2018

Trend 1: Cautious optimism due to an encouraging business environment and customer sentiment.

Trend 2: Technology becomes the “new normal” with Apple TV, dedicated WiFi, personalized apps, and live streaming.

Trend 3: Culinary initiatives remain the most requested team building exercises.

Trend 4: Fabulous, creative, and healthy food options become a top priority. Examples include food trucks, chef competitions, customized dining, and creative refreshment breaks.

Trend 5: Groups want to know what’s happening in your neighborhood, and what the locals suggest for under-the-radar highlights of the destination.

Trend 6: Guests take advantage of complimentary on-site amenities and experiences.

Trend 7: Meeting planners continue to get busier, so many now prefer electronic communication.

Trend 8: Meetings packages have the best value, packing in all the basic needs of a meeting.

Trend 9: The demand for meeting planners is high, and is expected to grow in 2018. Group sizes will remain the same or grow, while the duration of meetings is tightening up.

Trend 10: Planners look to create meaningful meeting environments that empower their attendees to be introspective, engaged, open, honest, and transparent.


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