An empowering shift for American women is an increasing passion for travel, both alone and with family and female friends. “There are an astonishing number of women of all ages who no longer seek or need permission — nor emotional support or encouragement from spouses, friends or colleagues — to travel. They are gutsy and bold, courageous and impressively strong,” said Patricia Schultz, author of 1000 Places to See Before You Die. According to a survey of women in the USA, 85% are not afraid to travel no matter what’s happening in the world, 73% believe traveling made them stronger, and 69% were inspired by their travels. The recently launched #SheGoes campaign dives in to research how women travel and encourage women to travel to celebrate, reflect, test your limits, learn, or escape. Ready to experience this yourself? Call 800-756-6342 to speak with our leisure experts!


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