Safety Tips for Solo Female Travelers

Solo business travel, as well as leisure travel for female travelers, is on the rise.
More than ever, solo female travelers say that their biggest concern is staying safe while on the road.  In a recent study provided by GBTA, 63% of female business travelers think about safety while traveling.  84% said that their employers either did not provide travel safety tips, resources, or that they were not aware of any tools available.

Biggest risks include: theft, scams, and fraud.

Precautions and ways women can minimize risk:
• Enroll in the State Department’s Smart Traveler Enrollment Program
• Purchase an International Plan for your smartphone and SIM card
• Keep money and credit cards in two separate places
• Do not wear fancy jewelry
• Try to avoid late night arrivals in a foreign city when local transportation may be shut down
• Leave a copy of your passport in your home country, and in your hotel room
• Let friends and family know your itinerary
• Use “we” when talking to strangers
• Avoid using headphones, and staring at your phone when walking
• Try not to look “lost” and be alert

Top Destinations for the Solo Woman Traveler
The “Wander Woman Index” examines which countries are best for solo travelers.
Previously, Cuba was the fastest growing destination for solo female travelers.
The Top Three Countries are:
• Japan
• France
• Spain