Delta Introduces New Branded Boarding Order

The latest innovation in Delta boarding initiatives will begin after January 23. Delta will be boarding with new branding that will mirror the branded fare purchased while still prioritizing customer loyalty. This is to help simplify crowds and the boarding process at the gate. Customers can expect the following:

On boarding passes
– Customers will see their boarding group, i.e. Sky Priority on their mobile or printed boarding pass.
At the gate
– Customers will hear or see the branded fare they purchased (or Sky Priority), instead of numbered zones when it is time to board.
– Not too much will change, the new name makes zones easier to recognize, SkyMiles Medallion Members and Delta SkyMiles members will continue to receive priority boarding.
– There will be new colors to coincide with each fare to eliminate any boarding order confusion.
On the Fly Delta app and
– The new colors will be available to a small number of customers who shop digitally, a gradual rollout will occur to all customers throughout 2019.

The new branding is a part of Delta’s newest enhancements, including the addition of Zone 4 in 2019 for Basic Economy customers.
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