Delta’s New Aircraft Interiors

Delta Flight Products (subsidiary start-up of Delta), is revolutionizing Delta’s interiors in the following three ways:

1. Creating an industry first, Delta customers will experience wireless IFE for the first time on January 31, 2019, on the A220 aircraft with inaugural flights in the new year. The A220 IFE system is the first to use wireless technology with tablet displays mounted on the back of every seat. The wireless system will also deploy on Delta’s new A330-900neo and A321neo fleets. Delta’s 767-400 aircraft will get upgrades during interior modernizations that will begin in 2019.

2. Quickly breathing new, lighter life into the fleet, Delta Flight Products have upgraded mid-life cabins for their 777 and 767-400 fleet seamlessly through the design, integration, and production of parts while maintaining FAA certifications.

3. Nimble engineering that makes life better on board. Delta Flight Products partnered with Delta’s operations and compliance teams to customize and fit a mechanism to Delta’s 777 overhead bins making them so much easier to use.

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