Delta and Virgin Atlantic Launch Self-Service Bag Drop at Heathrow

Together with Virgin Atlantic, Delta Air Lines is adding 18 self-service bag-drops at London Heathrow in Terminal 3. This will save customers valuable time through intuitive, easy-to-use technology. Travelers can now drop their own bags in under two minutes and will have more time to enjoy the many restaurants and shops throughout the terminal. To use the self bag-drops customers will need to:
• Scan their mobile or printed boarding pass
• Place their bag on the bag belt
• Print their bag tag and attach it to the bag
• Send the bag for loading

Bags will then be accepted and screened as they would for traditional bag drops at the counter. These self-service machines also offer RFID tracking technology by issuing RFID chipped bag tags. Customers can track their checked bags in the Fly Delta app.
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