JFK Closes Runway for Renovations

Earlier this month John F. Kennedy Airport in New York closed one of its major runways for refurbishment. JFK says the 355-million-dollar project is to not only improve safety but increase “peak period capacity”. The runway itself will be closed through November 2019. The airport will use concrete to widen the landing strip by 33 percent. This adjustment to extend and widen the strip will prolong the life of the runway to 40 years, rather than 8 to 12 with regular asphalt. Reconstruction of the runway will also include new lights, navigational aids, signs, and cables to help the airport meet safety standards. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), together with the airport, have developed a way to manage aircraft traffic while the runway is under construction and is not in use. Together with the Port Authority, who runs the airport, will continue to monitor arrival, departure, and taxi times to limit the number of disruptions while the runway is closed. This project is to ensure infrastructure upgrades which the Port Authority recognizes are needed for the long haul.

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