United Unveils New Livery Design

On April 24, United rolled out its newest aircraft design, Livery. This new look brings a “refreshed” look to their fleet. The updated design is intended to portray the evolution of United’s brand. Blue is still at the forefront of United’s new design, the “United blue” and Navy still anchor the overall color-scape, but they have added additional blue shades inspired by the sky. They are adding new colors that complement the blue hues as well, like purple for an updated look. They are also pairing “cool colors” such as whites and teals, to create a calmer environment that will aim to soothe travelers. United is also using less of the gold colors, that while popular 30 years ago, are not at the forefront of the new branding colors. The overall design element is still the globe, which will still be at the forefront. The globe can be seen in all aspects of the plane, including; the stripes in the linens and tableware on board, the hemi arc seen in the United Polaris cabin and throughout the airport, the skyline can be felt along the longitudinal lines across their seats, and the wing pattern is developed from the negative space from the globe.

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