Newly Opened TWA Hotel

The former TWA airport terminal reopened on May 15, thanks largely to hotelier MCR Development as a mid-century modern design hotel. Originally designed by Eero Saarinen, The TWA Hotel went under massive renovations costing approximately $265 million. The renovation project was led by architects Beyer Blinder Belle and Lubrano Ciavarra. The newly renovated hotel has 483 rooms and 22 suites that are scattered throughout the wings of the iconic building. Each room will feature a “Womb Chair” and “Tulip table”, which was originally designed by Saarinen. It will also feature a 1950s classic rotary phone. The rotary phones, interior public spaces, and the Connie airplane bar were all designed by the New York firm Stonehill Taylor. The rooms go for $249 a night, with shorter stays of four hours available at $140. Visitors can also come for public amenities, such as a public 10,000 sq. ft. observation deck and infinity pool, a 40,000 sq. ft. event space, six restaurants, and five bars.

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