UA Extends Cancellation of Max Flights

Last week United announced that it is removing the Boeng iMax from rotation through August 3. As a result, this will cancel about 2,400 flights in June and July. United had already canceled the Max flights until July. Other carriers, including Southwest and American, have already stopped Max flights into August. Boeing is updating the flight-control software that is believed to be the cause of the most recent crashes in Indonesia and Ethiopia. Boeing will soon give the update to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), to look over for approval. The FAA has said they will not allow the 737 Max to fly until they are safe. In a statement, Boeing spokesman Charles Bickers said, "We are working with the FAA to review all procedures." He said the safety of the previous version of the 737, called the NG, "is not in question" after more than 200 million flight hours in over 20 years. To meet customer demands, United will use other planes to take over some of the flights that had been scheduled with the Max planes. It will, however, still cancel 1,120 flights in June and 1,290 flights in July.

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