Facial Recognition Takes Off at DC Airports

The latest airport authority to join in the facial-recognition technology trend is The Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority (MWAA). MWAA is unique in the fact that the hardware needed to operate the technology, called Versican, is an iPad. It first launched last July at Dulles Airport and 18 airlines are using the technology already at international departure gates. JetBlue is using currently the technology at Washington Reagan National. Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW), has finished testing and will be MWAA’s first airport customer. Since the end of last September, the use of biometrics, in general, has been used at 15 airports. Orlando Airport was the first to use facial-recognition technology. Biometric technology will be extremely important to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection to collect data info and biometric facial information on all foreign nationals leaving the U.S. Travelers will have their picture taken by the iPad or biometric facial-recognition software at the departure gate. The photo will then be matched to their passport and visa info that the CBP has on file in their system. If the system also has the flight info, the trailer will not have to show their paper ticket. So far 19 airlines are using the Veriscan technology at the Washington DC area airports, four use it for ticketless boarding. The success rate is currently at 98.5%.

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