Star Alliance and Biometric Technology

Star Alliance will work with NEC Corporation, an IT biometric firm, to create a “biometric data-infused identification platform” that will work with passengers who have frequent flyer status. These passengers will be able to breeze through checkpoints such as check-in, bag-drops, and boarding gates. By using facial recognition technology, it will make the process go faster than traditional passage where travelers need both a passport and boarding pass. Travelers who are enrolled in the Star Alliance program can register and use their biometric data at checkpoints throughout the airport. The overall goal is to increase both efficiency and the traveler's experience. CEO of Star Alliance Jeffrey Goh, says “In NEC, we have found a strong partner who shares our vision of seamless travel experience for air travelers. At Star Alliance, we are committed to making the customer journey better, and this strategic partnership with NEC will help us make the way from curb to gate to aircraft a much simpler, yet innovative experience for our customers.”

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