TSA Screening Record Number of Travelers

The upcoming holiday week of July 4th has already seen a busy rush at airports. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is expecting over 12.1 million travelers  July 3-7, with a peak travel day of July 7. The summer season that began on May 23, has already seen a high number of travelers, and experienced six of 10 of the busiest travel days of the year in the history of the agency. The record-breaking travel day so far was May 24, the Friday before Memorial Day. The TSA Screened 2.7 million passengers and crew for Memorial Day weekend. Normally, the TSA screens 2.2 million people per day. Approximately 92% of TSA pre-check passengers waited less than five minutes during the rush. Normal passengers waited for approximately 30 minutes. This summer between Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends, TSA projects that 263 million travelers and crew members will pass through  airports. TSA warns for travelers to arrive extra early to ensure enough time at the terminal.

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