Delta to become the largest U.S. carrier serving Tokyo-Haneda in 2020

Earlier this month the U.S. Department of Transportation announced that Delta will become the largest U.S. airline to serve Haneda with seven daily flights to Haneda from Seattle, Detroit, Atlanta, Honolulu, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, and Portland Oregon. In March 2020, Delta will move all services from Narita to Haneda to be closer to the city. Delta’s long-term plan is to expand the Asia-Pacific network to include flights from beyond Narita, including service from Manila through Seoul. Steve Sear, President – International and Executive Vice President – Global Sales said, “We have proudly served Japan for more than 70 years and our commitment to our Tokyo legacy remains strong … This new service is a game-changer for Delta’s ability to offer competitive and comprehensive access to the city, which is one of the world’s most important business markets. It’s a win for our customers, giving them much quicker access to the city center, and it complements our overall strategy of growth across the Pacific.” Furthermore, Delta will be able to get to Singapore and more than 80 other Asian destinations after September 22, 2019, through the new partnership with Korean Air.