Flights returning to normal after airport shutdown in Hong Kong

Cathay Pacific stated, “we will be operating our flights today as scheduled. Please note that there is potential for further flight disruptions at short notice.” This week, flights were canceled due to the civil unrest after protesters took over the terminal. Clashes escalated and continued on for a second day as flights remained grounded at Hong Kong International Airport as operations are still at a standstill with protesters. After effectively shutting down the airport, the U.S. State Department issued a Level 2 warning for Hong Kong, urging travelers to use the utmost of caution if already there. Travelers are being warned to avoid the airport as all facilities have been shut down and suspended. Monday was the fourth day of protests that halted one of the world’s busiest terminals which have now caused further delays and cancellations. Due to civil unrest in the area, the U.S. Department of State has made Hong Kong a level 2 warning, to advise Americans about possible dangerous clashes between the local government and the protesters. Travelers should use increased caution when visiting the area. As always, if your flight is affected please contact your Omega representative so we can help you navigate this trying time in Hong Kong that is affecting all airlines. As of Wednesday, August 14, certain airport employees are heading back to work and flights will slowly return with limited access. It will be a while until flights return to normal at the airport in Hong Kong.

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