Enterprise Connectivity and Global Growth Plans

Enterprise Holdings President and COO Christine Taylor, and SVP of Business Rental Sales and International Tour, Don Moore interviewed with Business Travel News and let them know some of the initiatives Enterprise will be focused on in 2019 and 2020. Taylor calls this the “total mobility package.” Enterprise has been heavily focused on the “customer journey” and have had a great year. The customer service has hit an all-time high in rankings. Taylor says, “we’re making sure it’s personalized, it’s frictionless and that the customer has control, whether that’s through their app or using our employees. . . we’ve engaged a third party to [help us do] that. You’ve got to think from a customer perspective and not just how it’s always done.” Overall, Enterprise is located in 100 countries, which has helped growth and win RFPs. The biggest new trend is that electric vehicles are becoming a large portion of the fleet of rental cars. It takes approximately seven hours to fully charge the vehicle so they will work out a system that will work with the availability of charging stations. A big push for electric cars is coming from the UK and Europe.