British Airways uses new AI at Heathrow

A new Artificial Intelligence (AI) system, was recently made known at London’s Heathrow Airport. It is intended to help security staff make sure flights are on time and safe. Currently, ground staff checks the planes manually after customers disembark the aircraft. If there is an issue, the manual process would slow down timely departures. The technology will use cameras to alert staff if there is an issue. The problem would then be resolved quickly and efficiently to get the flight back on schedule. It is in the first phase of a trial period. British Airways Director of Airports, Raghbir Pattar, said, “British Airways operates up to 800 flights a day to and from Heathrow; we run a highly complex operation so efficient turnarounds are critical to ensure all 145,000 customers travelling through our home hub every day enjoy a punctual departure… Artificial intelligence is a rapidly evolving area of technology and I’m thrilled that we’re the first airline in the world to harness it to further improve our customers’ journeys through the airport.”
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