Delta Expands West Service SLC and LA

In summer 2020, Delta will have more flights heading west, including connections from Salt Lake City and more flight options out of Los Angeles. In July 2020, Atlanta will add three Mountain West cities including, a daily, year-round flight to Boise, Idaho, Bozeman, Montana, and Spokane, Washington. Atlanta is one of the busiest airports in the world and Delta’s largest hub, they will now have even more direct flights to the Western cities plus over 220 destinations worldwide. Also in Atlanta, beginning June 22, Delta will also be adding an 11th daily, year-round flight to Denver and Salt Lake City. There will also be a new terminal opening in Salt Lake City in 2020 including the 90 destinations already available. New routes in Salt Lake City include a daily, year-round flight to Memphis, Tennessee beginning July 6. Even more flights will be coming to Los Angeles and beyond with the recent 2019 addition of Burbank, Long Beach, Ontario and Santa Barbara flights. Starting June 22 from LAX, a fifth daily year-round flight to Dallas-Fort Worth; a sixth daily year-round flight to Phoenix, AZ, and Sacramento, CA. More flights beginning in 2020 include a second daily year-round flight between Austin, Texas and Boston start June 22. On July 6, a second daily, year-round flight
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