Hilton Honors and New Lyft Rewards Program

Hilton now has extra ways members can redeem points, through accessing Lyft credits on Lyft Pink. Hilton members can choose the number of points to redeem ranging from $10 – $100 and can link accounts with Lyft and Hilton. Hilton members will be able to earn points from every ride. Besides the new redeeming points feature, Hilton Honors includes the following improvements including In-app functionality and sharing points with friends and family. Mark Weinstein, Senior Vice President and Global Head of Customer Engagement, Loyalty and Partnerships at Hilton says, “We’ve seen tremendous engagement from this partnership. Since we launched in May, our members have earned millions of Points with Lyft… As the only partnership of its kind where Hilton Honors members can not only earn but now redeem Points for virtually all rides, we’re pleased to introduce the new redemption feature to allow members more flexibility with their Points and to continue the momentum of our evolving partnership.”
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