United Airlines Purchases 50 A321XLR Aircraft from Airbus

United has bought 50 new aircrafts from Airbus, the A321XLR aircraft, to begin replacing the older planes in the fleet. Specifically, to replace the Boeing 757-200’s, and start to retire the Boeing 757-200’s. The move to the Airbus is specifically geared to upgrading operations for transatlantic flights and should be in service by 2024 at Newark/ New York and Washington. The A321XLR includes a modernized inflight experience and conveniences like LED lighting, large overhead space, and Wi-Fi. The aircraft further reduces CO2 emissions with lower overall fuel burn per seat by 30%, further reducing its environmental impact. Andrew Nocella, United’s Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer, said, “The new Airbus A321XLR aircraft is an ideal one-for-one replacement for the older, less-efficient aircraft currently operating between some of the most vital cities in our intercontinental network… In addition to strengthening our ability to fly more efficiently, the A321XLR’s range capabilities open potential new destinations to further develop our route network and provide customers with more options to travel the globe.”

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