Two More Private Vendors added to TSA PreCheck

The TSA (Transportation Security Administration) recently announced that enrollment services for TSA PreCheck, will be implemented by a handful of different companies. These companies include: Alclear, LLC, Telos Identity Management Solutions, LLC; and Idemia Identity & Security USA, LLC. This will expand the convenience for travelers to apply TSA PreCheck. This is due to the TSA Modernization Act, which is part of the FAA Reauthorization Act of 2018. Which, forced the TSA to have such an agreement with at least two private companies to increase public enrollment in the TSA PreCheck program. IDEMIA, is TSA PreCheck’s current vendor, and they will add the other two mentioned above. TSA will increase locations to develop enrollment strategies to help increase the number of travelers that have TSA PreCheck. TSA Administrator David Pekoske says, “We are pleased that travelers will have additional TSA PreCheck enrollment options with this latest contract award … We expect to see the newly added TSA PreCheck vendors to begin operations by late 2020.” Passengers who have been TSA PreCheck members since 2014 can now renew their membership.
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