TSA at Boston Airport Receives New Authentication Technology

Boston Logan Airport (BOS) is a pioneer in the testing of the Credential Authentication Technology (CAT) scanners before the machines went nation-wide. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA), now uses 25 machines in the airport. These machines will help the TSA as the traveler will no longer need to hand their boarding pass over. The TSA officer will just need to scan the ID in the CAT unit, and will be able to tell if it is valid or not. This CAT will be able to help identify any fake documents faster and will be able to read over 2,500 different ID types, including: passports, military ID’s, retired military, permanent resident cards, uniformed services ID cards, Department of Homeland Security Trusted Traveler ID cards, etc…. By the end of February, the TSA plans to have these CAT machines at over 40 airports nationwide. TSA’s Massachusetts Federal Security Director Bob Allison says, ““The technology enhances detection capabilities for identifying fraudulent documents such as driver’s licenses and passports at checkpoints and increases efficiency by automatically verifying passenger identification … The system will also confirm the passenger’s flight status in near real time through a secured connection.”
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