Amtrak Offers Waivers Due To Coronavirus

With multiple airlines offering waivers to change traveler’s ticket (i.e., Delta, United, JetBlue, American Airlines, and more), Amtrak is following suite and they are now waiving all change fees on tickets made before April 30 due to the coronavirus. Although train travel is not yet restricted on any routes, they are being cautious after the airlines have made waivers available. As always, if you have concerns and need to cancel or change your train ticket, contact your Omega representative as we are closely monitoring the situation. Alexander Dorow, United’s managing director of premium services, said, “Our expansion into New Orleans showcases United’s commitment to transforming the customer experience across all touchpoints and complements the beautiful new terminal at Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport … it’s a fresh location for us to begin our evolution to become more local and reach new audiences.”
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