Keeping You Informed, April 1, 2020

We hope this news update finds you and your loved ones well and looking forward to a better time. It is March 27 and, as I write this, I feel incredibly close to all of you since we have shared in a frightening experience that continues to restrict us from our normal lives. What we do going forward, is important. Facing the pandemic full force with proactive steps is the only way to weaken and conquer it. Being able to take steps to continue working in all ways possible are necessary to keep us strong.

Over my 48 years of owning Omega, there have been many challenging times that required facing adversity head-on. I learned many things; and, I still am. I look at what I have in people, customers, and resources, and we are ready for the challenges ahead. We have built an incredible staff; a fortress of experiences and knowledge; and, an ‘arsenal’ of strong relationships with quality suppliers by partnering with safety and service in mind.

We look forward to servicing you, helping you get back to travel; and, assist in writing new policies as we face new safety and health concerns.

We are running a survey to get your input on any adjustments to your travel policies that you may have implemented since the virus halted travel. If you need any assistance with new policies and procedures, we would like to help you in the future. To participate in the survey click here here.

As we anticipate a transition back to work for many, we are asking our suppliers what quality changes they are planning that will give customers the confidence to again travel safely. ‘Duty of Care’ policies must include the necessary concerns that Covid-19 has wrought.

I urge you to keep in touch with us; check for updates at on the latest news from health providers and travel suppliers; and, ask you to participate in our survey here.

As we have already announced in our Omegalytics program, regarding the Omega Care dashboard with enhancements, our unused ticket dashboard (premium subscription required for access) is just as critical for tracking all the cancellations that are occurring on a daily basis. With that, we are extending our complimentary premium subscription of the Omegalytics trial to April 30. For those that don’t have access, please contact us.

As we serve you through such a difficult time, we want to keep you advised of changes; and, know that we place imperative communication to whatever time it will take to start traveling again. When that time comes, there will surely be new rules; lessons learned; and, changes to how we have traveled before.

My hope is that positive change comes to us as quickly as possible; and, that we can continue to guide you throughout this transition by relying on our caring staff and technology innovations.

I encourage you to ask questions; and, as you look at your procedures and policies, we are ready to discuss pertinent rules and suggestions with you.

‘WE CAN DO IT’ is our theme.

With best wishes to you and your company,

Gloria Bohan