Meeting with White House and Airline CEOs

After multiple airlines met with VP Mike Pence this week on Capitol Hill, A4A President, and CEO Nicholas E. Calio released a new statement regarding the coronavirus and airline travel. The statement made by A4A President thanked the White House for meeting with them and their continued commitment to trying to help the wellbeing of travelers. “We applaud the Administration’s leadership and join the President and Vice President in encouraging Americans to monitor the ongoing situation but at the same time go about their daily lives – go to work, hold meetings, take kids to school and travel. We will continue to work collaboratively with the top leaders in the Administration and across federal agencies including the DOT, DHS, HHS, and CDC to help contain and stop the spread of the novel coronavirus.” Airlines for America has created a new website, www. AirlinesTakeAction . com, that will have all information regarding COVID-19 for air travelers, the government, Congress, as well as the public.
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