Special Message from Omega World Travel President, Founder & CEO

Dear Omega Friends and Families,
As Memorial Day sets in on these uncertain times, it seems certain to me that we will always be inspired by the sacrifices made by our men and women in combat.  And, perhaps, this Memorial Day, it is particularly poignant to realize how strong our resolve can be to remain  free and in good health. We have been taught great lessons from the past wars.
The pandemic that we face will continue to be our universal ‘fight.’  In this regard, and, as one devoted to travel services for so many years, I can say that I am proud to be part of the travel and hospitality industry.
It has been noted by news outlets how the airlines are ‘inching back’ to service with high health standards and protocols.  Incentives for travel through bargain fares also for cruises, hotels, and, car rentals are the norm.  A recent CBS segment features a determined Chris Nassetta, CEO of Hilton Hotels, promising that ‘the room you will enter with your digital key will have been cleaned like never before.’
While airlines are flying far fewer flights, they have their fleets lined up and ready to fly as travelers feel safe to do so.  A steadfast Oscar Munoz, United’s Executive Chairman, reminded us about how we handled the restrictions imposed by 9/11; and, how his airline is fighting back to convince us about their determination to ensure safety. A smiling Munoz had a parting message worth repeating: ‘For now the operative term is to let’s get through this crisis, and, you know, say a prayer or whatever it is that we do to make sure not just our industry but the world at large becomes a  healthier place’
I believe we are making progress by helping each other together; valuing our lives; and, looking forward to a better future.


Would you like to track how your county/state is flattening the curve in the US? We have incorporated more data from JHU into Omegalytics so we can see how we are winning the fight against COVID-19. Check out the latest dashboard by clicking here.