International Travel Opening to Tourists

Although most governments are still advising against “nonessential” international travel, some popular destinations are beginning to ease their Covid-19 lockdown measures and border restrictions and are moving toward welcoming tourists back. Some Caribbean islands are already beginning to open their doors to foreign visitors again, while destinations such as Mexico and Thailand are planning to reopen region by region in the coming weeks.

Here are some of the destinations making plans to reopen.

Aruba is planning to welcome travelers once again at some point between June 15 and July 1, however, the visitor’s bureau for the Caribbean island says this “tentative” date may change if Aruba opts to “consider additional precautionary measures as needed.” Although there’s no mention of any Covid-19 testing requirements for arrivals, tourists will be required to undergo temperature checks on arrival.

The Indonesian island hopes to welcome tourists back by October, provided its infection rates stay low. Bali has been successful in containing its coronavirus outbreak, with less than 350 confirmed cases and, so far, a total of four deaths.

All foreign nationals, except for diplomats, permanent residents and humanitarian workers, are currently banned from Indonesia, and anyone entering the island must undergo a swab test and provide a letter stating they are free of Covid-19. It’s unclear what the entry requirements will be if restrictions are lifted later this year, or whether Bali will accept travelers from regions badly affected by the pandemic.

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