Working to Safely Bring Back Meetings

As Covid-related restrictions continue to be lifted, business travel agents are working to get clients out of virtual meetings and back to face-to-face interactions with the proper safety protocols in place.”

According to, travel agents are launching new tools for clients that provide up-to-date information on health guidelines laid out by hotel, airline and ground-transportation companies.”

To cope with a changing world, more corpoprate travelers are leaning on travel agents to guide them through mask requirements, social distancing and quarantine rules outlined by each destination.”

“I am seeing a trend now starting to pick up,” American Express Global Business Travel regional GM Jo Sully said. “We can Zoom meetings but nothing beats the real thing.”

“I think it will be a gradual recovery in terms of that. People will maybe think ‘Should I just do this via Zoom?’ but the overall consensus is people will go back to travelling for meetings,” Sully continued.”

The business travel industry accounted for $1.4 trillion in annual spending before the pandemic, and officials believe a return of 60-70 percent of usual volumes should be expected in 2021. Experts say it will be late 2022 before the industry returns to pre-coronavirus levels.”

Other factors considered by companies include the disruption to the corporate meetings calendar and the need for companies to be stricter about trip approvals.

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