Call a Travel Advisor, Don’t Book Online

Businesses all over are struggling because of the pandemic, which has prompted a strong push to shop local and help your community out.

The travel industry has taken a massive hit due to the shutdown and continued restrictions.

By booking your next trip with a local travel advisor, you’ll be helping out a small business while also getting all the perks that come with putting your vacation plans in the hands of an expert advisor.

Sure, booking online can be easy and you feel like you’re getting a good deal. However, by working with a travel advisor you will find a good deal plus have the benefit of working with an actual person that will always have your back. As we saw back in March and April during the shutdown, thousands of travelers were either stranded, stuck, out of their money and left on hold for hours trying to get a refund or just any sort of help from the customer service departments of wherever it was they booked online.

Those who booked via a travel advisor were able to receive the aid they needed. If you love to travel, the smart move is to use an advisor. Now more than ever, you need to be working with one due to restrictions and various protocols changing so much.

A travel advisor can bring you peace of mind. Isn’t that something we could all use right now?

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