Message from Omega’s President

OCTOBER 23, 2020

Dear Customers and Colleagues,
I hope to meet you on some of our weekly Webinars as we update the news about our suppliers and the changes they are making on schedules on their airplanes; in their hotels; and, at airports as a busy travel season approaches.

Our Webinars include the advisories on any quarantines and health updates that will prepare you for necessary requirements before you plan a trip. Please visit and call us for special details and bookings.

This holiday season will be unprecedented due to pandemic concerns. As you have probably heard, recent TSA reports indicate how travel has risen with the public embracing the rules for safe travel. Many of these travelers are those visiting friends and family; and, we are keeping a keen eye out as plans are being made for holiday gatherings. Pent up demand for vacation information is solid; and, insurance offerings are helpful.

Our Webinars still show a reluctance by corporations to confirm a strong commitment to travel before the end of the year. It is not clear as to any exact timeframes for an uptick; but, it is clear that virtual meetings and conferences are helping to keep businesses alive; and, are changing their policies for the longer term.

Business models will determine about going back to the norms of the past. But, when we ask: ‘How important is business travel to the stability and growth of your company?’ we average a ‘Very Important’ at 87-100% response level.
What’s the hesitation? Largely uncertainty and fear of health and local obstacles.

We understand. So, join in on our discussion through Webinars. Learn from others as we navigate this ‘new world.’

Many thanks,
Gloria Bohan