Message from Omega’s President

November 18, 2020

To: Friends and Colleagues,
Today brought the added good news that vaccines will become available to fight the Covid-19 virus very soon, maybe even within weeks.

This is the news we were hoping to hear these long months as 2020 draws to a close. It sounds as if we will have much to cheer about and to be grateful for, during this Holiday Season.

Safety is the magic word in moving forward with all and any plans, including travel arrangements.

Since there has been a widespread number of new cases of the virus, states and counties are setting rules as to how to mitigate exposure. Some are more stringent than others and often in line with unique circumstances of specific areas.

I want to mention that on our website we feature a map that pinpoints
outbreaks and rules for all states, cities, and counties within the United States.

Better safe than sorry is the mindset. Along with that thinking, I would also like to give thanks to our travel suppliers, airlines, hotels, car companies, airport personnel and many others, who are constantly upgrading their services and equipment by ensuring high protocols that are in line with the CDC and health providers.

We at Omega know it will take time to return to a ‘world’ as we knew it; but, we are here to guide our travelers through a safe journey.

Count on us and join our weekly webinar ‘Return to Travel’ on Thursdays.

Many thanks and keep well,