Leisure – Not Business – Travel Will Help the Industry Recover

Finally, some good news for leisure travelers: You’re the ones the industry wants.

Yes, you. The ones who thrill to see the world, love hopping on a plane to visit the kids or grandkids, find a great airfare and follow that bliss wherever it leads you.

After years of being treated like the little-noticed second cousin from Poughkeepsie, you’re having your moment in the spotlight. If the travel industry is going to recover, you’re the ones who will lead the way.

That’s not just wishful thinking on my part nor is it my admitted bias for leisure travel, which I have written about for two decades. It’s other people and entities, including travel associations and airlines, that are making — dare I use the word “unprecedented” — overtures toward us acknowledging that we, not business travelers, are the engine that will drive this recovery.

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