What Flight Attendants Want You to Know About Traveling During the Holidays

The surge in coronavirus cases across the United States has millions of Americans questioning whether they should travel for the holidays. Flight attendants are gearing up for another busy period of hectic holiday traffic.

It has been an very challenging year for flight attendants. Throughout the pandemic, tens of thousands were furloughed as the airline industry faced some of its worst job losses in history. Those lucky enough to keep their jobs are adjusting to elements of the new normal, such as wearing personal protective equipment and policing passengers for coronavirus policies.

We asked four flight attendants to share their advice from the front lines of pandemic travel to help those planning on flying this holiday season.

After volunteering to take seven months off during the pandemic, Jalisa Robinson, who is based in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., is back to flying. While travel is picking up again, Robinson is not anxious about flying.

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