A Coordinated Approach to Safe Travel

Global Business Travel Association (GBTA), the voice of the global business travel industry, is calling for closer co-operation and coordination when the European Council meet this week to discuss COVID-19, climate change, security and external relations. The European Council will review the current situation with the pandemic and discuss a coordinated strategy in response to COVID-19, including work on vaccines and testing and the gradual lifting of restrictions.

Catherine Logan, Regional Vice President – EMEA, GBTA, said, “GBTA are once again urging the European Council to strengthen coordination at an EU level, and calling for greater transatlantic collaboration to ensure a safe and internationally consistent return to business travel.” She added, “GBTA supports the move to ease quarantine restrictions following findings from the EASA/ECDC* which found that air travelers account for less than one percent of all detected COVID-19 cases and do not increase the rate of virus transmission. Clearly ad hoc quarantine rules are hugely damaging to our industry and have little impact on traveler safety, a consistent approach to testing prior to departure is required to restart global business travel and restore consumer confidence.”

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