Delta, BA, Virgin to Require Negative COVID-19 Tests for UK Travelers to NY

Several airlines have agreed to require proof of a negative COVID-19 test for passengers flying from the United Kingdom to New York after the state's Gov. Andrew Cuomo blasted the U.S. for not joining dozens of other nations in cutting off travel following the news of a new coronavirus strain across the pond.

Virgin Atlantic, Delta Air Lines, and British Airways have all agreed to test people before they get on a flight to New York, Cuomo said in an interview with CNN on Monday. The move comes after a new, and potentially more contagious, strain of coronavirus has been spreading in the UK, causing dozens of countries across Europe and the world to implement new travel bans. The new strain is reported to be up to 70% more transmissible but does not appear to be more deadly than other strains.

“I acted proactively, frankly, for New York… We've learned this lesson before and that's what's frustrating,” Cuomo said. “The way we got COVID in the spring was the federal government thought the coronavirus was still in China. It had gone to Europe and it came here from Europe. This is almost redox.”

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