Message from Omega’s President

In our world, here at Omega, we are in a constant readjustment of our operations as news of increased vaccinations circulate; and, cities, states, and countries update policies regarding openings, and restrictions, including quarantines.

We sense a sigh of relief as travelers celebrate the vaccine and a path forward to continue their company’s work with the chance to reengage with colleagues in person.

In our weekly webinars for the last year, it was a constant sentiment that a return to travel would be safe ‘when a vaccine’ was developed. Now, we have many across the globe!

What an achievement by so many.

Suppliers have stepped up to the plate in establishing health standards that meet medical standards; and, they continue to press onward which is obvious to me as I visit airports, hotels and fly.

At Omega, our structure is strong; our technology is updated to reflect requirements and changes; and, our people are excited to see an increased demand in travel.

Our vacation travel departments are very busy with family travel to theme parks, resorts; and, yes, cruises.
I feel a positive vibe; see more smiles; and, am grateful to so many who have been fighting this battle. There are many stories to tell; lessons learned; and, a closeness that has come from experiencing this pandemic.
Thank you; and, join us on our weekly webinars.

Take care,