Five Contactless Hotel Technology Trends for 2021

Every technology disruption provides an opportunity for hotels to reevaluate the way they run their businesses and communicate with guests. This is when innovative experiences are often born. It happened with the computerized property management system, it happened with email and online booking, and it happened with smartphone adoption, to name a few examples.

Today, it’s happening once again with contactless technology — ranging from check-in kiosks to keyless entry and new guest messaging platforms. The concept of “contactless” may feel a little strange, and even uncomfortable, for some in the hotel business. After all, the hospitality industry is built upon the importance of personal interactions.

But as the industry is challenged by a pandemic and an economic downturn, hotels need to rise to the occasion. To do this, they must prioritize ways to create meaningful moments, despite having to deal with the reconfiguration of operations and unfamiliar circumstances, two obstacles that prevent them from engaging in the face-to-face service so critical to the industry’s identity.

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