Study Finds COVID-19 Vaccine Key To Recovery of Business Travel

Business travel is on track to return to 70 percent of pre-COVID-19 levels by the end of 2021, with nearly two out of five business travelers around the world indicating that receiving the coronavirus vaccine is a priority before returning to travel, according to travel management consultancy GoldSpring Consulting's Business Traveler Sentiment Survey.

The study of more than 15,000 travelers from around the world found that a majority of business travelers (63 percent) aim to travel within the next six months or by October 1. While 26 percent of business travelers see themselves returning to the office by May 1, only six percent think they'll travel within the next month.

Britain and France are the two countries most eager to resume business travel. Nearly one-quarter of respondents in the U.K. (24 percent) expressed a desire to travel within a month's time while 17 percent of business travelers in France aim to venture out by May 1.