Traveler Demands at an All-Time High

Travelers in the U.S, U.K. and Australia will not be accepting of dropped standards in their hotel accommodation, in spite of the challenges faced by the hotel industry over the past year, new research by SiteMinder has found. On the contrary, SiteMinder’s Changing Traveler Report 2021, based on the survey responses of more than 800 holidaymakers in each country, shows that expectations are higher than ever before for three-in-five Americans and at least one-in-two travelers from the U.K. and Australia.

SiteMinder’s research underscores heightened expectations among consumers with pent-up demand for travel experiences, after a year of travel disruptions and restrictions. Compared to pre-pandemic times, 78% of travelers in the U.S., 61% of travelers in the U.K. and 60% of Australian travelers say they plan to travel the same amount or more, which SiteMinder says illustrates the need for hoteliers to remain optimistic about business, but also work smarter in order to meet the higher standards now expected of them.

“While the last 18 months have been challenging for accommodation providers, our findings show that traveler demands over the coming year will be unrelenting and hotel guests will not be forgiving of dropped or otherwise average standards,” said James Bishop, senior director, global ecosystem, SiteMinder. “There are material consequences for hotels that aren’t prepared, including lost business, a tarnished brand and the dreaded negative online review, which is the last thing hoteliers need after the year they’ve endured.”