Air Canada, Southwest Airlines Partner with Green Tech Companies

Southwest Airlines has signed a 15-year agreement with a sustainable aviation fuel producer, and Air Canada is working with a decarbonization technology firm that could also spur more production of SAF, the carriers announced separately on Wednesday.

In Southwest's agreement with Velocys Renewables, the carrier will receive 219 million gallons of SAF, which can blend with conventional jet fuel to produce as much as 575 million gallons of fuel with net-zero carbon emissions, according to the carrier. Over the period of the agreement, it could potentially lower carbon emissions by 6.5 million metric tons.

"The SAF produced at the Bayou Fuels facility plans to utilize a sustainable feedstock—forestry residues from plantation forests—and renewable power from a neighboring solar facility, as well as contract for carbon capture that will sequester more than 500,000 tons of carbon dioxide per year," according to Wareborn. "It also is expected to have a greater than 99 percent reduction in sulfur as compared to conventional jet fuel, reducing the emissions of this conventional pollutant."