Traveler Confidence Surges, Travel Rebounds

Traveler confidence is surging, and it’s driving a significant rebound in travel activity. Nearly 86% of travelers have taken domestic trips, and 42% have traveled internationally, since the pandemic started a year a half ago, according to the 2021 Fall Global Rescue Traveler Sentiment and Safety Survey.

“Between April and October, there’s been a 74% jump in people taking domestic trips and an enormous 207% increase in individuals traveling internationally,” said Dan Richards, CEO, Global Rescue and a member of the U.S. Travel and Tourism Advisory Board.

Fear of COVID-19-related quarantine or infection while traveling declined by 37% compared to January 2021, according to the survey of the most experienced travelers in the world. Three out of four survey respondents said they are “less” or “much less” concerned about travel today compared to the beginning of the pandemic, reflecting a 65% improvement in individual concerns about travel compared to traveler attitudes at the beginning of 2021.