Message From Omega’s President

Omega World Travel will be in business 50 years in 2022; and, we started celebrating early with a Lifetime Achievement Award from Northstar, publisher of Travel Weekly, the iconic paper that has been like a bible for me these 50 years. 

I view this award as a celebration of the many lifetimes of others who have shared in Omega’s success: our staff, our suppliers and our customers.  I share also with my deceased husband, Dan Bohan.
I also see it as a time for hope as we reach this golden anniversary. As a young bride 52 years ago I could never imagine owning a business!

 Armed with this award we are ushering in a new era of travel and attitudes, awakenings, and, determination. With the vagaries of a pandemic, it is essential. 

For the last 22 months, this letter has talked about uncertain times; times that have tested our patience and resolve; times that have disrupted our way of life; times of sacrifice; times of loss. Yet, we have learned to adjust using the discoveries and protections available that are best for us.   

 I see incredible resolve everyday as people do all they can to live a full life. Giving up is not a choice. We have hope and innovation that motivates us and the many who provide services in our industry.  Since the start of the pandemic we have applauded those travel suppliers, airlines, hotels, and all transportation services who have adjusted with new technology and safety protocols. We have kept services available as customers also  needed the guidance of advisers even when not traveling. 

I believe we are stronger than ever as we meet our challenges; yet, to fully succeed, we need to see business travel rebound; if not, we must  do what any business would do, and, keep diversifying with new products. The Omega Family of Brands have given us a balance; yet more will be needed. 

It’s pretty amazing to note that in the middle of all the upheaval, we are seeing the common man going to space, fulfilling dreams that started for ‘real’ over 23 years ago, a time I remember vividly when I was asked to speak at a space conference in 1997. 

‘Hope springs eternal’ are the words coined by Alexander Pope that keep ringing in my ears as I celebrate the incredible ability of mankind to forge ahead with innovation; yearning to keep discovering while battling a pandemic.

I am thankful to all who have brought Omega World Travel and our brands into a new era as we celebrate 50 years.

Best Wishes and Happy New Year!
Gloria Bohan