ICCT Study Confirms Viability of Hydrogen-Powered Aircraft for Short-Haul Aviation

A study by the International Council of Clean Transportation (ICCT) has confirmed the viability of hydrogen-powered aircraft for short-haul aviation.

The study by Jayant Mukhopadhaya and Dan Rutherford assessed two Liquid Hydrogen (LH2) combustion designs: a smaller turboprop aircraft targeting the regional market benchmarked against the ATR 72; and a narrow-body turbofan aircraft suitable for short and medium haul benchmarked against the Airbus A320neo.

It found that both hydrogen-powered designs would require an elongated fuselage to accommodate LH2 storage behind the passenger cabin. Seating pitch values of 29 and 30 inches, mimicking the seating density of low-cost and regular airliners, were used for the study, which also looked at variants of the baseline design with different range and passenger capacities.