The Ark at JFK Airport

When most people think of The Ark, they think of the biblical story of Noah protecting the animals on the ark he built. At JFK International Airport, there really is an ark!

The ARK at JFK is an animal handling terminal dedicated to the safe passage of all creatures, great and small and like Noah’s Ark, they are the first of their kind. They have been serving the JFK community since 2017 with 24/7 direct access to the airside, ensuring the smooth transition for all animals arriving and departing at JFK airport.

To provide such a critical service, they work very closely with their federal and local partners at the USDA, CDC, USFWS, CBP, and the PANYNJ. There are many moving parts with passenger travel, and animal travel is definitely more complicated. Animals that arrive from outside of the United States must quarantine. When they arrive at The ARK, they get a world-class reception and rest in state-of-the-art accommodations developed for their specific needs.