New York Shines On

There were moments in the past two years that made it hard to believe the pandemic would ever pass. The city’s streets were empty, the storefronts dark, and our nights were spent clapping for healthcare workers, with the noise a helpful reminder that our neighbours had been there all along. Thankfully those difficult months are truly a thing of the past. The throngs of people on the sidewalk, in parks, at restaurants, and snarling the city streets and highways with cars they bought during the pandemic, not to mention skyrocketing residential rents, show that New Yorkers, myself included, didn’t abandon ship. New York is back and open for business.

For those that miss it dearly, let me remind you of the jolt you get when you lift your head from the gridded streets of Manhattan or spy the cinematic skyline from the new observation decks at the World Trade Center or One Vanderbilt. Block after block of glass-and-steel towers rise higher and higher from Midtown to Queens to Brooklyn, with 80-, 90-, even 100-storey skyscrapers dwarfing the 20th-century twins of the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building. Construction is the city’s lifeblood, from the new towers of Hudson Yards on Manhattan’s far West Side to the spindled tops of the residential buildings along 57th Street and downtown Brooklyn.