Many Tourists Around the World Now Unconcerned About COVID-19

COVID-19 has affected pretty much everyone on the planet and generally overshadowed the past two-plus years of our lives. So many of our decisions and actions over the past 26 months have been determined by the fickle nature of the virus, and shared anxieties about it have dominated our thoughts for so long.

But, now, those widespread COVID concerns appear to be on their way out, as vaccination rates rise, the Omicron variant seems to have peaked, and countries around the world have eased or entirely dropped their international travel restrictions.

In a recent live poll conducted by leading data and analytics company GlobalData, 57 percent of respondents said that they are “not concerned” or “not very concerned” about the spread of COVID-19. This affirms the attitude the world seems to have adopted toward the pandemic at this point, which is that we must treat the virus as endemic and learn to live with it.